Wish A Ball

The goal of “Wish-A-Ball” is to give back to our community by hand-delivering basketballs to children whose families do not have the resources/access/financial capability to participate in sporting programs. By doing this, OBA can deliver its mission and goal that the organization always believe in and support: is to give every child the ability to experience the positive energy derived from participating in organized sports, and to gain confident and learn life skills. 

Through the “Wish-A-Ball” initiative, OBA is able to expand its network and reach out to a greater audience that could be benefited through our basketball programs. We hope more families and kids will benefit from our programs every year.

The “Wish-A-Ball” project delivers a concept of “hand-delivering basketballs to targeted youth of newcomer families”, symbolizing and promoting the right to participate organized sports. The goal is to provide easy and affordable access to organized sports (basketball) for youth in targeted community (Toronto ). Our focus is to engage youths in community programs (basketball programs) to provide fundamental movement skills, increase self-esteem and develop life skills. It is natural that youth seek comfort from those who welcome them and reinforce their sense of belonging. The goal at OBA is to draw youth’s attention into basketball where they are engaged to build character, adapt to new environments and steer them away from negative social activities or influences. We hope to use basketball to promote positive behaviors and use basketball as a source for youth from new immigrants to quickly adapt and improve self-development.

Who the project will serve – children (4-12) and youth (13-24) of newcomers. This targeted group requires the need and access to organized sports the most and will in turn be benefited the most.

What the project will accomplish – to maximize participation rate from targeted group. Children and youth will develop fundamental movement skills, and strengthen confidence level in adapting to new environments. As an organization, we offer stabilizability and easy access to participate in basketball programs. By getting involved in our program, the youth can quickly make new friends, build teamwork, and strengthen physical strength which open up to more opportunities for self growth. Parents of participating youths are also benefited by meeting other families to expand their networks. We also offer volunteer opportunities for the parents where they can gain experience that would be beneficial when they compete in the workforce.

Where the project will be delivered–Toronto

What resources are required for project delivery

- Space (gym rental)

- Equipment

- Staff/volunteer (offering multi-languages staffing team)

- Coaching facility

- First aid support

- Snacks

Our objective is to provide a welcoming and accessible environment for youth basketball. Youth will develop physical and transferable life skills by integrating basketball activities through our program. While we are targeting youths from new immigrant families, we will also engage parents to participate in event organizing and operations to help them to quickly adapt to new environment, and increase networking opportunities with other from the community. This will help to minimize barriers newcomers may experience when they immigrate to a new country.

The program will be offered at an accessible location and is offered at a very low cost. While our staff and coaches are well training/educated, we will ensure a fun and motivating environment for the kids to play and draw their interest toward basketball or physical activities in general. Overtime, as participation rate and interest rate rise, the greater the positive impact will have on the youths and their families; their confidence and physical competence level will increase, and they will better understand the value for being engaged in physical activities.